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Written on March 16, 2012

So This Hylian, Princess and a Fish Walk Into a Bar…

Link and Zelda Plush Dolls by Dolls for Friends

Well, here they are: Zelda, Link, Maggie, and the little known Fishman. We were so excited when our friends at Jolby asked us to participate in the Tri-force tribute show. But which characters to choose? There are so many awesome possibilities, especially when this game spans so much time, and has countless of interesting creatures. Not to mention that the array of talented people contributing to this show, was in truth a bit intimidating! Thank goodness for the Zelda Wiki site.

After educating ourselves on some of the many, and varied options, we chose two lesser known characters (Maggie and Fishman), and the two main characters, Link and Zelda. We loved Maggie’s story, although she suffers a tad from stockholm syndrome. She tends to have a more pessimistic personality, and we wanted to portray her as such. The unusual Fishman, plays a small part as a mini-game character in Wind Waker. He is kind of a weird guy, and we hope we stayed true to that in our version of him! And last, but certainly not least are the infamous Link and Zelda. There are so many renditions of these two. They have been portrayed in the sweet, “anime” style as ToonLink and ToonZelda, as well as the very sophisticated warrior version which is very cool. But when we envision Link and Zelda we lean toward the “toon” version, so that seemed like a natural choice for us.

This was a great project to be a part of, and we were thrilled to be included among a group of artists we admire so much. You can check out everyone’s work on Buy Olympia. The prints are available now, and the one off pieces will be available soon. Our work will be a part of
the latter.

Fishman Plush by Dolls for Friends

Link Plush Doll by Dolls for FriendsZelda Plush by Dolls for Friends

Maggie Doll by Dolls for Friends

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